Meet our first three children at Divine Kids Academy in Jukwa

Today is a special day for us 💙 We are so excited to introduce you all to the first three children we are helping so they can go back to school. Each child deserves to go to school and dream as big as they dare! Each candle that is being sold, a portion goes towards these kids at Divine Kids Academy. Monday, October 26 2020

Kwabena Adjei -Twum

Kwabena was born with box sex organs. Because of this, the father divorced the mother and she was kicked out of the house. The mother struggles with work and not able to afford tuition for Kwabena at Divine Kids Academy.

John Atta–Sam

John is the son of a local carpenter, who has worked in supporting his talents by helping construct the local library in Jukwa. His father suddenly became blind, and no one has been able to understand the underlying causes. John has two other siblings, and the local church sponsors one of his siblings, and the local women’s fellowship supports the other child. John has gross motor limitations with his left hand, and looking for support to continue his education at Divine Kids Academy.

Baba Musa

Baba is a third grade student at Divine Kids Academy. Baba lost both his parents two weeks after he was born. His grandmother has many physical limitation, but continues to take care of him. Baba will need your support to continue his education and is a very promising student.

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