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LoveCandle was founded on the philosophy of being kind to others, give, love, forgiveness, compassion, and live life in peace. Founded by Ginny Hooft, who was born in the Netherlands and shortly after moved to Bangkok where she stayed with her grandmother. While living in Bangkok she took notice of the culture, the people of Thailand, and how it was so important to be loving, caring, compassionate, and being able to live a joyful life. The reason she started making candles is to bring back the importance of the life that we should focus on. Love, Joy, and Peace.

“We get so carried away with our jobs, constantly proving our worth to others, making sure that people like us, we want everything figured out by today as if life is a grocery list, we want to fit in the social media world that we forget that beauty and peace comes from within. It is a light in your heart. It is your energy. It is how you carry yourself”. 

Welcome to our new journey, stick around she has a lot of ideas and innovations coming up and is hoping to make you all feel some positive vibrations through LoveCandle. 


Ginny Hooft, CEO, and Founder of LoveCandle


At LoveCandle, we make every effort to spread our founding principles to all persons, no matter where they live. We recently heard about young children at Divine Kids Academy in Jukwa, Ghana, who are unable to afford to continue to go to school. We want you to act with us and take the opportunity to act for what we believe in. 


All children deserve to go to school. Typically one-third of children and their families cannot afford tuition for the year at Divine Kids Academy, and we anticipate that number to increase in the upcoming year. This reduction in tuition not only affects the students but also teacher's salaries and maintenance of the school itself. 


In an effort to support children's education and spread love, LoveCandle and Drnach International Inc, a partner of Divine Kids Academy, will support three children to cover their tuition so they can continue to go to school, as every child should. For each candle sold, a portion of the sale will go directly into a fund to support these three children. After this is accomplished, we will move onto the next three kids until we can make sure every child can pursue their biggest dreams. 


In the next couple of weeks, you will be introduced to the three kids that we are helping. Keep an eye on our Instagram.

We are very excited and so blessed to be able to do this. We ask you to join us in our philosophy of LOVE. 

The youth is our FUTURE

xo Ginny



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